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HirePro Construction Services, LLC strives to assist individuals who want to take a proactive approach with their careers. It's been said that we should always consider possibilities in every situation. To stick with your original plan, but we always should think, what if it were different? Whether you are currently very happily employed, recently made a decision to consider other opportunities, or are seeking a new opportunity we would love to chat with you! After all it never hurts to consider possibilities. Our recruiters have extensive experience on a national level to ensure they provide you with any opportunities we have open currently, as well as keep you apprised of future opportunities, should it be the dream job you never knew existed.


Our focus is on where you want to go not only where you have been! Our recruiters are not only interested in your technical skills but also the intangible skills, such as your career goals and geographical preferences.


It is straight forward!

1) Browse our open roles, if you see something of interest please apply. A recruiter will contact you to review your history, talk about your goals, discuss locations etc. if after this, the role is something of mutual interest we will submit your resume to our client. We NEVER submit a resume to any client without your prior approval! Our recruiters will keep you updated as to the clients' feedback and prepare you for the interview and schedule interviews if they are requested. We typically like to keep our turn around time to 48 hours, however, this is not always possible but we will update you!

2) Not really sure if your ready to make the move? That's okay we want to talk to you anyway and keep you updated should possible opportunities arise!! We don't even necessarily need a resume, if you want to send a quick email to with the industry you prefer, we will ensure to send you updated hot jobs in case something interests you!